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Kevin Farris

This blog was intended to be just focused on philosophy which is and always will be of great interest to me. However, like many blogs, I lost the initial zeal and did not devote the proper time to the endeavour. As of today, January 20, 2017 that is no longer the case. Today I wrote a piece on the peaceful transfer of power and inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th President. I have always been interested in politics as well as Political Philosophy. I have many other interests as well that I will delve into as this site progresses.

The Election of Donald Trump was a significant factor in motivating my reborn attention to and decision to expand the Blog. This election is different because of Russia’s involvement in what is the cornerstone of our Democracy – our free & fair elections. To me it is an act of war – a digital invasion of US sovereignty. Perhaps worse, President Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that which our entire intelligence community knows to be true and steadfast defense of an oppressive autocrat and murderer in Vladimir Putin begs many unpleasant questions. My undergraduate minor was Political Science and I continue to closely follow politics and foreign policy since.

Keeping an eye on the new government, this ongoing and potentially explosive investigation into ties between Trump and Russian officials as well as Russia helping to fund Trump’s campaign while we wait to see if the new President tries to implement these pro-Russian policies will be a focus. I have many other interests that will become self-evident as we move forward together as one America.

Happy New Year to all… let’s make it our best!


4 thoughts on “About Me & The Blog.”

  1. BTW in your nonsense post about “the Russian made me do it” Blackmale is spelled Blackmail.
    Boy – I’m glad your not my lawyer.


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