Torture: Ineffective and Illegal

A comprehensive look at why Torture is illegal, immoral & ineffective. Posts like this are so important with Donald Trump’s war on the Truth and ALL media EXCEPT his own propaganda. This is a more dangerous time to our Republic. Study the Foinding Fathers and you quickly realize they fully understood how fragile the Republic they gave us really is. This explains Benjamin Franklin’s comment when asked as exiting constitutional Hall what the wisemen had given the people, Franklin responded: “A Republic, madam. IF you can keep it.”

The View from the Armchair

From CNN: “Trump on waterboarding: ‘We have to fight fire with fire’

Trump did not invent the metaphor of fighting fire with fire, but let’s examine it. If your house is burning, and you put more fire on it, will it solve the problem? Maybe, if the issue was that the house was burning too slowly.

In this case, the metaphor is appropriate. Fighting brutality with brutality is only effective if you think the problem is that there isn’t enough brutality.

On torture, the facts are clear: it is ineffective, illegal, and is a handy propaganda tool for our enemies. I have written on this more than once before. I will include the full text of my first piece below. Additional writing from this blog are here (Torture and Moral Laziness) and here (“We will not torture people…”).

From September 12, 2016:

The debate about…

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Hello! I'm Kevin. Recently retired from practicing law for 20 years - literally bad for my health. Now making a go of it by writing, which I've long wanted to do but never had the time. Now I am just another person trying to take the upheavals in life as stoically as I can and sharing my thoughts with people like you. Originally this space was set up to write about applied Philosophy, but as the archives show, I did not write frequently. In hopes that I will post more often, I am expanding the subject matter to include any of my varied interests, one of which is politics. That was my undergraduate Minor and has remained a passion to this day. Given the controversial 2016 election, I felt compelled to start writing again. I realize politics may alienate many people, but I will write in a fair-minded way that should not offend anyone and hopefully promotes a friendly discourse and true exchange of ideas. All of us have fallen into echo-chambers so we only hear opinions that reinforce our own beliefs. When that happens you never really hear other points of view and your ideas will not be challenged what the other side is saying and you have gridlock. Feel free to push back and challenge my ideas, preferably in a respectful way and I will do the same to ideas I disagree with. As long as the dialogue maintains appropriate civility and decorum, I look forward to having my ideas challenged and perhaps both may be better for having engaged in the dialogue.

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